ALL VOLUNTEER, ALL DONATION, PROFESSIONALS doing what they love!. This charity medical group formed in 2019 by Aydelotte Baptist Church to provide primary care services for free to the working uninsured.. Engage offers people without Medicaid, Medicare or private insurance a place to get free, needed treatment. This not only gives families who can't afford medical care a place to go, it helps to lessen the burden on community emergency rooms and for profit health centers, saving everyone money. We provide patient free clinic visits, labs and medication. This model, we feel, gives us a freedom and flexibility when it comes to giving free primary care, labs and prescriptions as well as social worker care and chaplaincy services to address many problems regular clinics can't. 

For more information about being a patient, volunteer or donor, click the appropriate heading on our menu above, or email us at engagefreeclinic.gmail.com . Thank You!