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March 17, 2021

*UPDATE - We are over half-way towards our goal of $7,000 but need to get there!  Being approved by a national supplier to be stocked as a charity pharmacy is an incredible and unexpected blessing, because we are constantly struggling to get some of our critical medication. We expect to prescribe well over $50,000.00 worth this year...all at NO COST to our patients! It's your opportunity to be a part of that! Thanks in advance and blessings! The link to our Secure, PAYPAL Page is below!

Our pharmacy staff has done nothing short of an incredible effort our first full year open. As a licensed charity pharmacy who never charges our patients, we are only legally allowed to get our supplies from certain places, such as nursing homes, doctors offices or other pharmacies. Those donations helped us greatly. But it comes with certain problems. We are limited to what they have extra to donate. We have to compete with other charity pharmacies. This can cause real dilemas when our providers are trying to treat medical conditions and the right medicine might not be available, or, when there are more refills due than what we have in stock.

We have grown to the point where we need to take the next step to properly serve our working uninsured.

We have been approved to be supplied on a permanent basis by a wonderful charity drug supplier in Nashville, Tenn. which is generously supplied by the pharmaseutical corporations. This supplier, created for free clinics, carriy a steady supply of all the drugs we need and will ship us any amount weekly, (WITH NO LIMITS) which will give us the stability and effieciency we need to properly treat our patients for years to come and enable us to speed up appointments so we can see many more people. No one will go without.

The supplier does charge a $7,000 yearly fee so they can pay their own workers, but that is a small fraction of what we prescribe. (even during 2020, when we were doing tele-med and forced to call prescriptions out, we still gave out over $12,000.00 worth of prescriptions FREE.)

This is a wonderful suprise that we have not budgeted for. We are confident that next year, we can put together a permanent group of churches or businesses to donate the fee for us, but we need to pay this year. 

We need to take this step to serve our community and we need you to do it. You have taken ownership of supporting your community by graciously supporting us. And, we know we can count on you as well as all of our businesses and churches to make this happen. Join with us as we create, not only a way to save you money in the long run by reducing costs a our for-profit medical facilities, but a place where families can depend on when they do not have access to medical care.

On behalf of everyone who volunteers at the Engage Clinic, Thank You!



Pharmacy Supplier Fee

Goal: $7,000



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